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The life of a village goose is simple and well-fed, but rather boring. How much joy is it to graze all day long in the garden, seeing and doing nothing else? So the hero of our game, an enterprising goose from a small settlement, goes out into the big world to find out how it lives and give an outage to his bird instincts. As it turns out, for our character they are mostly destructive. Malicious ideas come to this bird’s head: breaking or stealing something, scaring villagers and doing all other sorts of small damage. And you have to help him fulfill his plans!

So, in front of you are several streets with different buildings. This house belongs to a shoemaker, a gardener live there, and here is a shop where locals buy groceries and other goods. Take a look at the terrain and study the habits of each character, because to do as much harm as possible, you need to know when everyone leaves and returns, how to distract a certain hero and who is better to stay away from. After all, you don’t want to feel a mop with your back? So you need to be careful and ready to run if someone chases you.

Performing tasks from your little evil list won’t always be easy. Sometimes they will be very obvious: for example, fetching something from the store. The difficulty lies in the fact that while you are walking around the village collecting all the necessary items, the owner of the shop can come and pick up the stolen item. So sometimes you’ll have to be persistent and do the same thing several times if you want to complete all the tasks.

Some of the missions will make you think harder that you would expect from a game like that. For example, how can you get someone to spill coffee on themselves? To do this, it is enough to suddenly make some kind of noise – either on your own, quacking with all your might, or dropping some heavy object nearby. The frightened person will jump up in their place and the coffee will spill out of the cup. That’s it, mission complete. The fact that, to find solutions, you need to think in a similar logical way, greatly diversifies the gameplay. You can find dozens of applications for the few functions you have and perform the same task in different ways. See for yourself playing the Untitled Goose Game on our website!