Goose Simulator Game

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Can there be a lot of trouble from one single goose? How can a bird, even a big one, turn the whole village upside down? In Untitled Goose Game, it’s possible. And you’re going to take an immediate part in that! Your task is simple – get out of the garden, walk around the village and do harm wherever you can. For this you have a special list of missions in the menu. It will tell you exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. However, they won’t tell you exactly how to do this. You’ll have to figure it out on your own, trying different ways to solve the same problem until you succeed. Basically, it all comes down to arranging minor troubles for the villagers – stealing and breaking things, scaring and spraying by-passers. Generally spoiling their lives.

People in the game, like elsewhere, differ in characters and reactions. Someone won’t pay any attention to your tricks, and someone will flip out and rush after you with something heavy in their hands in order to dupe you. Until you learn the habits and temperament of each resident, it’s better to stay on your guard, because you never know whether a stone will fly into you from a window you’re passing by. After completing all the tasks, you can move to another location, where the thorny path of the goose will start from the very beginning. People and objects here will be new, so you’ll have completely different plan to follow. But even if you decide to return to the old village where it all began, you’ll see that the missions on the list have been updated. This allows you to play the Untitled Goose Game online with any frequency and for any amount of time – it won’t be boring!