Untitled Goose Game Unblocked

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If you have ever been to a village, you know that there is no bird more curious and malicious than a goose. These feathered fidgets must always put their beak somewhere and do mischief. In this game you have to control just such a goose, which has his own list of little nasty things he has to do in the neighborhood. So our bird waddles out of the barn and strolls along the village streets, heading for the first of the places indicated in the journal. This is a local store where you must steal a weight from the scales so that the shopkeeper can’t weigh the goods. It won’t be easy to do this, because the villagers don’t particularly like geese and carefully watch them to prevent any foul tricks. You’ll have to wait until the seller is distracted and generally try to get into the store as unnoticeably as possible. Otherwise you can be hit on the back with a heavy broom.

Having completed the first mission, go spoil the lives of other residents. You can open an umbrella over a person lying on the beach to leave them without a tan. Or throw something under someone’s feet so that they stumble and fall. Or take a swim in the pond and shake all the water off your feathers onto someone else. The main thing is to quickly escape from the scene of the crime. Some tasks will be quite simple to perform, others will require some brain-racking. The missions in the game are constantly updated, so even if you go through all the locations and return to the old ones, completely new tasks will be waiting for you. You’ll never get bored playing the Untitled Goose Game! Moreover, watching our goose doing his evil deed with so much aplomb and self-confidence is pure pleasure. And it’s especially fun to disturb the village with annoying quacking, for which there is a separate button. Help the feathered bully make the life in the villagers unbearable in this entertaining indie game!