Untitled Goose Game 2020

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The village just woke up and is preparing to meet another beautiful day. The sun is shining brightly, the flowers are blooming and the locals are hurrying in their business. There is only one creature in the settlement that isn’t happy about this idyllic scene. His only desire is to make this lovely morning as disguising as possible for everyone here. This is a terrible goose living at an old gardener’s house. You’ve been spoiling the old man’s life for quite a lot of time, but now you need more space for your evil pranks. So you walk out into the village and start terrorizing the dwellers.

There are many nasty things you can do in Untitled Goose Game. You can sneak into the backyards and stores, pluck flowers and scatters the goods, steal hats, scare people and make them trip, spill tea from their cups and hit their fingers with hammers. And, most importantly, startle the whole neighborhood with loud quacking. There is a whole list of tricks you need to play on the residents. Open your log and just follow the daily plan.

You won’t get any reward for accomplishing these tasks and other locations will be accessible to you anyway. But performing them is fun because it requires some logical thinking and creativity. Figuring out how to do it won’t always be obvious. Quite often you’ll have to try several options before you stumble across the right solution. Just think how you can combine your functions with the setting and you’ll see possible scenarios. When you’re through with the main mission list, there will be additional signalments for you to complete. The log will be constantly updated, so if you return to the same fragment of the village, the tasks will all be different. However, it’s always interesting to travel to new locations because they contain new characters and new objects to interact with. Start your unusual adventure right now and see how much damage you can cause to unsuspecting village dwellers!