Untitled Goose Game

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Can you imagine having the power so big that it allows you to commit great crimes and get away unpunished? A force that helps you quietly hunt your victims, not even knowing what danger they face? The creature possessing this crushing power is a mere village bird from Untitled Goose Game. He slowly tilts his head forward towards the poor teenager in order to attack him, and after the little fellow trips over falling on his shoulder blades, the malicious goose begins to gawk maliciously. Yes, this goose is a bastard, but you will love him!

Now let’s move on to the gameplay. You are a goose and an inveterate freak. You like to hurt people just because you are a goose. You show your violent thirst for destruction in a remote English province, where you have to move from one location to another. They are all interconnected, but in order to proceed to a new part of the farm you must complete all the points from your evil goose list: steal keys, ruin the crop, peck or push. For example, you make your way to a protected area and sneak unnoticed, holding a bucket in your beak. You wait until the character completes his endlessly cyclic procedure so that you can throw a bucket on his head at the right time – this leads to the activation of the script you need, which will help you move forward.

Most of the game really feels like a stealth shooter. Even the biggest brat, like our goose, must at times hide in bushes or crates in order to vilely attack people. Slowly sneaking up on an unsuspecting person who is holding the item you need or using a strategic arrangement of things to lure him into a trap is an important part of your daily routine. There is an insidious joy in getting more and more furious reactions from the people of the small town. And it’s good, because being an asshole in games is fun. Especially when it helps you through the level. For example, quacking is necessary to distract/attract attention or scare characters. In general the game is extremely absorbing and fun. It doesn’t limit you in ways you can come up with to complete the tasks from your to-do list. It’s up to you to decide whether to simply roam the village looking for more trouble to cause or follow the plan and proceed to a new location. Untitled Goose Game is something you definitely need to play! So why don’t you give it a shot right now?