Untitled Goose Game 2

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There are games that look simple and even foolish, but when you start playing them, you discover a lot of gameplay options and diversity. This is one of such games. In Untitled Goose Game, you gain control of a feathered bully armed with a checklist of fun, ridiculous assignments to complete. The goals are usually creative and enjoyable. Some of the examples are tearing off someone’s expensive rose, breaking a fence, stealing glasses from a short-sighted man, knocking a schoolboy down and so on. These short, endlessly funny interactions compile the ultimate charm of the game.

As you roam the settlement looking for more pranks to play on the residents, the village lives its daily life. This is a nice opportunity for you to get familiar with each of the character’s schedule – that will come in handy when you start to perform the missions. Since many of them will require you to steal something from somewhere, knowing the habits of shop keepers, gardeners and other dwellers is essential to success. While some of the characters won’t mind you fetching an old rusty nail from their porch, others will fly into a rage if you simply put your beak into their backyard. Many times you’ll have to run for your life, but luckily nobody can’t do any serious damage to the goose except maybe moral, because it’s always unpleasant to get hit by a broomstick.

The most attractive thing about this game is that it doesn’t give you any ready solutions. There is just a list of things you need to do in the village. But you’re not told how to achieve the needed result. This is what you should figure out on your own. For that, you need to use a wide array of actions and sounds at your disposal. Just check them out and combine them in all possible ways to see what you can and use your goose abilities smartly.

Untitled Goose Game is definitely one of the most amusing indie games that have been out lately. The only negative side of this harsh bird adventure is that it is very short. You can complete the game in 2-5 hours together with bonus tasks that you have to discover by yourself between the main missions. This is a wonderful and fleeting experience, one of the funniest this year. And you should definitely check it out online!