Untitled Goose Game Speedrun

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A big goose sticks out his head from the bushes and you see a text on the screen, “press space to quack.” In a few seconds you’re about to set off on journey through a small town. Untitled Goose Game has no story or certain goals. There is just a setting – a peaceful village where a bunch of charismatic characters leads their calm daily life – and a restless bird trying to turn this idyll into complete chaos. You are going to spend a few hilarious hours in the role of a feathered troublemaker – snatch items with your beak, gaggle, fidget under local dwellers’ feet and irritate them in all possible ways. While getting used to your new bird self and learning your goose functions, you will perform various destructive tasks with speedrun and sun hat.

There is an immense number of dirty tricks in your arsenal. You can lay an ambush and scare a by-passer with a loud shriek, sneak up and steal an important object or on the contrary slip something unexpected into someone’s pocket. If you’re out of ideas, you can simply untie someone’s shoes or trip someone up. All means are fine if you’re a goose! But your actions won’t be totally random. You have a log of things that you need to perform. And although they don’t really affect anything – you can unlock another locations even if you don’t complete the whole list – it’s fun to cross them out. Besides, the tasks are often creative and require you to rack your brain figuring out how exactly you can deal with them. Sometimes it will take you several attempts to come up with the right solution. But when you find the answer and succeed in doing another trick on an unsuspecting villager, it will make you feel even more triumphant.

The atmosphere of the game is completely in line with its essence. You’ll enjoy watching the goose wobbling importantly around the village looking for another trouble to make. The graphics, the sound – everything works for the unmatched ambience of this little charming village. And very soon you start feeling at home. Untitled Goose Game has plenty of surprises for you. Play online and find out!