Untitled Goose Game 2019

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The main idea of Untitled Goose Game can be described in a small concise sentence, “It’s a charming day in the village, and you are a disgusting goose”. For several hours you will have to complicate the life of people annoying them in every possible way, following the updated to-do list.
For example, driving a little boy into a telephone booth or forcing someone to break a precious vase. In addition to obvious missions, there are a number of hidden tasks that need to be found independently.

Since the main character of this game is a regular goose, the controls are very simple. Interacting with objects is only possible with a beak and sometimes you have to bend down. By the way, bending down you attract less attention. In addition, you can flap your wings and make a characteristic sound (gaggle). You will harm other people by solving various puzzles, having previously looked in the task log what needs to be done in general, but sometimes it won’t be so simple because everyone around you will react quite quickly if you approach them.

The riddles themselves are basically not hard and you just need to understand how you can achieve a certain goal. For instance, how can you make a carpenter hit his finger with a hammer? If you give it a little thought, you’ll figure out that you can startle him with a shriek just the moment his hammer is going down. The game is highly intriguing and addictive in that you need to find a solution to the problem and then apply it correctly. It’s not just a thoughtless animal simulator the likes of which we’ve already seen where you just need to run around and do all possible kinds of damage. This one requires a good deal of logic and sometimes even stealth. The gameplay is dynamic and diverse enough to keep you totally involved in the process for at least an hour.

There is absolutely no pressure on the player. If you can’t seem to deal with a certain tasks, you don’t have to get stuck. You’ll be able to proceed to a new location anyway. Moreover, when you return, the mission journal will be renewed and you’ll have to try your hand – or rather beak – at a slew of other no less exciting tasks. In the end, we get an interesting and funny game with a cute visual design, and the musical accompaniment complements the overall picture, changing its tempo depending on the situation. If you’re tired of standard genres and familiar plots, Untitled Goose Game is just what you need! Enjoy the fun!