Untitled Goose Game 3

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If you’re looking for a game that differs from everything you’ve played before, why don’t you try Untitled Goose Game? Here you need to control a goose in search of adventure. He’s tired of sitting at home and wants to explore the village. On his way, our character plays pranks on the local residents. Of course, a goose can’t do a lot of damage, but he can make a mess in your yard or hide a thing you are looking for. This is actually the whole point of the game.

But if you think doing all these little bad things is easy, you’re wrong. The game will give you certain tasks that will state what you need to accomplish but won’t say how exactly. This is the part where you need to turn on your brain and think how you can achieve the desired goal with a limited number of options at hand.

As a goose, you can walk, honk, clap your wings and pick up objects with your beak. Surprisingly, this is enough to perform a lot of missions from your log. For instance, screaming can be used to startle a person or draw someone’s attention. And if you do it in the right moment, you can make your victim trip over and fall or drop a cup full of tea. You will figure out these tricks by experimenting. Tasks differ across four locations you can travel to. Objects and people also vary, so you won’t be bored. If you return to the same location, you’ll find out that the mission log has been updated and now there are other things for you to do here.

It seems there is nothing our goose can’t cope with. Even though some assignments may seem too tricky, you just need to think them over for a bit longer time and make a couple of attempts trying different methods. One of them will definitely turn out effective! Playing Untitled Goose Game online is fun and unforgettable. Join in!